Size guide

Without a doubt, ring size is always a starting point! You never know what size you are!

We have prepared 2 very easy methods to know your onezero ® size.

In addition, when using the American size system, we add the equivalence to the most common size in Spain, just in case you know it!

Method 1

You only need a ruler and a ring that works well for measuring the inner diameter. When you have the measurement in centimeters, consult the table below.

Look for the equivalence to the measurement that you found in this table.

Method 2

If you don't have a ring, measure the circumference of your finger.

  • 1. You need a piece of paper,
    a pencil, a ruler and

  • 2. Cut a thin strip of paper.

  • 3. Wrap it around your finger and make a straight line.

  • 4. Take the strip and measure the piece between
    both brands.

STEP 2: Find the equivalence of your contour measurement that appeared on the strip of paper and look at your size in this table.

Method 3

If you know your Spanish size, use this equivalence table

For either method, if you are hesitating between two sizes, as they are flexible rings, stick with the smaller size.

If you still have questions, you can contact us by WhatsApp at 630162258 or through the contact form.

And if, despite having tried to get your size right, the rings don't fit you, don't worry, we will exchange them for free.