¿Qué hacer con tu pareja en San Valentín? - onezerorings

What to do with your partner on Valentine's Day?


Recreate your first date

A very original way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to recreate your first date, go to the same place and relive that special moment that you shared a long time ago, and if it wasn't a perfect date... improvise!

Make a Via Ferrata

Via Ferratas are routes that allow you to experience aerial sensations similar to those of other sports such as climbing and mountaineering, but without needing to have this very technical knowledge. Surely near home you will find a Via Ferrata to explore.

have a picnic

Find an area to go for a walk, or an intense route, depending on what you feel like, and take the opportunity to eat outdoors! You bring food from home, a very cheap plan to eat with your routine.

bike route

Put the bikes in the car, or find an area close to home and go out on a bike, you will surely be able to discover new natural environments while doing sports together.

padel match

Find another couple of friends and organize a paddle tennis game. It is a very easy sport to start and surely some of you are already experts.

Make a dessert together

The Internet is full of recipes, for the most expert but also for novices. You can look for a special recipe and make it together, or even as a family.

massage session

First one starts, and then you change turns. The best way to end the day!

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